Private One-On-One Tutoring Just Might Be The Edge You Need In Order To Pass The State Exam!

Passing the real estate exam can be difficult, and for many students a couple hours of private tutoring makes a whole world of difference in feeling confident to pass the exam.

Watch the video below, and see the type of engagement and instruction you can get from a private one on one tutoring session.


  • You have a hard time blocking out time to study consistently.

One of the biggest advantages of tutoring is that we will have a set time that is agreed upon prior to each session. This really helps because it provides instant accountability, and a plan of action to reach your goal. 

  • You feel like you really didn't learn much at all during your school course.

All to often we hear students complain about how quickly the material was covered in school. Many students know deep down that they do not have a firm grasp of the key concepts, or the fundamentals. If this sounds like you, then tutoring will benefit you.

  • You want to make sure you pass the exam asap, and simply do not want to fool around and take any chances.

We've tutored many students since 2003 who simply wanted it done like yesterday. They simply want to take advantage of whatever is available to get the license, so they can start making money.

  • You have a potential deal already lined up.

You have heard it before.....time is money. If you have a potential deal, and all you need to make it happen is to get your license, then tutoring is a good option for you. It's the fastest way to get your license.


"John is incredibly knowledgeable about real estate law, rules, regulations and is able to effectively teach those principles in a comprehensive and understandable format. John answers all questions in clear informative delivery."

Christine Fields

"Great things to say about this group. I did private tutoring with John, and I also took part in a Thursday night cram test review session. They were SO very helpful even at my last minute request for private cram tutoring as I moved my exam up for a last minute cancellation and I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared. So knowledgeable about real estate and exam prep areas and focused on what I needed to review to feel 100% confident going into my exam (which I passed on the first try!). I attribute my successful passing to John and the help of these study classes that REALLY prepare you way more than the online manual and pre-licensing exam book I read and took from another company."

Amy Timko

"John was absolutely amazing and patient as a tutor! I am so glad I got a tutor! Reviewing the material and getting a better understanding of the information was so vital to grasping the material! Also, the reviews helped sooo much!!! It is totally worth it!!! I passed the sales associate exam the first time around!! I am so grateful!"

Kim Reid

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