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Question 1

The S ½ of the NW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 11 was listed for sale at $350 per acre with the broker to get a 10% commission. The broker brought in an offer of $6,100 for the property. The owner said he would accept it if the buyer would pay the broker's commission based on 10% of the offered amount. If the buyer were to agree, the difference between the original price and the amount as paid by the buyer would be

 A)  $290

 B)  $900

 C)  $670

 D)  $295

Question 1 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation
(1) Determine Listing Price
$350/Acre × 20 Acres* = $7,000
*S ½ of NW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Section 11
20 40 160 640
(2) Determine Buyer's Payment
$6,100 offer + **$610 Commission = 6,710
**10% × $6,100 Offer
(3) Determine difference
$7,000 (List Price) Less $6,710 (Accepted Price) = $ 29
0 Answer "A"

Question 2

An agency contract can be created by all of these EXCEPT

 A)  an implied contract in law.

 B)  an oral contract.

 C)  appointment by the principal.

 D)  a voluntary offer by the agent.

Question 2 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation

An offer is not a contract; it is an expression of willingness to enter into a contract. While the existence of agency is a question of fact and is not dependent on the existence of a contract, this question asks about an agency contract. A voluntary offer by the agent would not create an agency contract; the offer would have to be accepted in order for a contract to be created.

Answer "D"

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