"Live Cram - Q&A"

Everyone knows the questions on the state exam are tricky and difficult.

Lots of times there is information in the question that you don't need, not mention that it always seems like there is more than one correct answer, but you must select the "best answer"

BUT....what if you could get access to a live real estate instructor right from the comfort of your home who would show you question by question how to tackle the tricks and get more questions right?

Well now you can by attending our Live Cram Q&A....

(watch video snippet below)

All you need is an internet connection, and you can participate from your home on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Live Cram - Q&A Details

Our Live Cram - Q&A is an intense, 3 hour multiple choice question live webinar cram session that focuses solely on getting you prepared to correctly answer the tricky and difficult questions you will face on the actual state exam.

Sit back, relax, and take notes while a licensed real estate instructor breaks down the question, answer choices, and explanation so you understand the concept.

All question types will be covered including Florida real estate law, General real estate law, Principles & Practices, and yes, Math too!

We break down and analyze key multiple choice questions so you understand the concept!

Designed for Sales Associate, Mutual Recognition, & Broker Candidates

Date & Time

Every Wednesday From 6:00PM - 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time

(Attend up to 12 weeks if needed)

A recording of the entire session will be made available to all registered students for further review and studying.

Note: If you can't make Wednesday's for the live session, you can register anyway and get access to the recordings.

Limited Time Discount Price

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Don't pay the regular price of $195. Get registered now for only $167 

(Spots Are Limited)

So In Summary You Get:

3 hours a week live access to a licensed real estate Instructor

Often times when you finish your school course, you are left all alone with no one to reach out to get your questions answered while you are trying to prepare for the exam.  Not anymore, now you will have the ability to have a licensed real estate instructor show you how to tackle the most difficult and tricky multiple choice questions so you can pass your exam.

Get immediate access to previously recorded sessions.

You will get immediate access to previous Live Cram sessions so you can begin studying right away while you wait on your actual Live Cram session date.

Q&A Session

The instructor will conduct a Q&A session at the end to answer your most pressing questions.  You simply submit your question via live chat and the instructor will answer your question for you and for all other attendees to hear as well.  Of course, you will also benefit from questions asked by others that you never thought about!

Test Taking Tips & Strategies

It's one thing to understand the questions and concepts that will be tested on the state exam, but you must also know how to take the test. That's why we will equip you with the most effective test taking strategies that are sure to boost your performance and score.

Live Cram Q&A Recording

We record each Live Cram Q&A session so that you can go back and review everything on your own time.  You will get access to the recording via your online account that is created when you register. 

Up To 12 Weeks Access

All registered students can attend the Live Cram Q&A each week up to 12 weeks if needed.  You'll receive your login information via email upon registration.

Limited Time Discount Price

(Use coupon code: "cram" at checkout)

Don't pay the regular price of $195. Get registered now for only $167 

(Spots Are Limited)

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