Live Cram Bundle

Don't pay the regular price of $295. Get registered now for only $125!

So In Summary You Get:

Weekly 3-hour Live Cram Q&A Sessions With a Licensed Real Estate Instructor on Wednesdays From 6pm to 9pm EST. (Live Stream)

Often times when you finish your school course, you are left all alone with no one to reach out to get your questions answered while you are trying to prepare for the exam. Not anymore, now you will have the ability to have a licensed real estate instructor show you how to tackle the most difficult and tricky multiple choice questions so you can pass your exam.

Get Immediate Access to 12 Weeks of Previously Recorded Live Cram Q&A Sessions.

You will get immediate access to previous Live Cram sessions so you can begin studying right away while you wait on your actual Live Cram session date. You can play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind the video recordings as much as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access.

One-on-One Live Stream Private Tutoring Session Right Before Your Exam

There's nothing like having personal one-on-one attention to help you prepare for the state exam. Your one-on-one tutoring session will allow you to get extra clarity on the key material that will be tested on the exam, not to mention, you can get any last-minute questions answered by one of our licensed real estate instructors. Your private one-on-one tutoring session will give you that extra comfort and confidence you deserve on the exam day.

Test Taking Tips & Strategies

It's one thing to understand the questions and concepts that will be tested on the state exam, but you must also know how to take the test. That's why we will equip you with the most effective test taking strategies that are sure to boost your performance and score.

Special Student Offer

Don't pay the regular price of $295. Get registered now for only $125!

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