How To Get Your Florida Real Estate License?

Getting your Florida real estate license is actually pretty straight forward. It really boils down to 3 steps.

1. Enroll in our online 63 hour pre-license course which has been approved by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR). You must complete this course by passing a 100 question, multiple choice end of course exam with a 70% better. Upon passing the end of course exam, we will issue you a completion certificate which is good for 2 years.

2. Submit an application to the DBPR (you should do this when you start the course in step 1). The cost of the application is $105. You will undergo a background check and finger printing. Once your application has been totally processed and approved, you will receive a state exam eligibility notice from the DBPR letting you know that you are eligible to take the state exam. Your eligibility from the DBPR is good for 2 years from the date your application was submitted.

3. Once you have your completion certificate in hand and your eligibility notice from the DBPR, you are ready to go. But there is one last thing that you should do, and that is get prepared to pass the state exam. The school course only gives you the basics, passing the state exam is much more difficult and requires a more focused approach to studying. The questions on the state exam are trickier, more confusing, and just tougher than those in the school course. Our Florida real estate exam prep database will help you pass the state exam in no time at all!

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