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Question 1

Mr. Webster sold his home and agreed to a June 16, 20XX, closing date. The last day for which interest was paid on the $105,500 remaining balance of the 8 percent, 30-year conventional mortgage was April 30, 20XX. If the total monthly mortgage payment was $774.14, what amount of prorated mortgage interest would appear on the closing disclosure as a debit to Mr. Webster? (Use the 365-day method of proration and charge the day of closing to the buyer.)

 A  $1,054.93

 B  $1,063.52

 C  $1,086.64

 D  $1,406.66 

Question 1 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation

Last Day Interest Was Paid Thru = April 30

Seller Days Owned in May = 31

Seller Days Owned  In June = 15

Total Days Owned By Seller = 46

Closing Day = June 16

Day of Closing Belongs To: Buyer


Annual Interest = Principal x Rate x Time

Annual Interest = $105,500 x .08 x 1

Annual Interest  = $8,440

Daily Interest = $8,440/365 = $23.12


Total Prorated Mortgage Interest = $23.12 x 46 days= $1,063.52 - Answer "B"

Question 2

A home sold for $108,400. The buyers paid $18,400 down, assumed a recorded mortgage of $72,000, and gave the sellers a new second mortgage in the amount of $18,000. How much will the buyers pay for state taxes resulting from these financial arrangements?

 A  Intangible tax $36; documentary stamp tax $252

 B  Intangible tax $36; documentary stamp tax $315

 C  Intangible tax $144; documentary stamp tax $230.40

 D  Intangible tax $180; documentary stamp tax $63 

Question 2 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation

Documentary Stamps on Note = (Loan amount/100) x .35

Intangible Tax = Loan amount (new mtg only) x .002

Doc Stamps on Note (Assumed Mtg) = 72,000/100 = 720 x .35 = 252

Doc Stamps on Note (New Mtg) = 18,000/100 = 180 x .35 = 63

Intangible Tax (New Mtg Only) = 18,000 x .002 = 36

Answer "B"

Intangible Tax = $36

Stamp Tax =  252 +63 = $315 

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