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(For candidates with an existing Salesperson or Broker's license in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Rhode Island and West Virginia.)

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Try These Sample Questions From Our Database

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Question 1

An owner-developer employs five licensed sales associates and pays each sales associate a commission for sales of the owner-developer's lots.
Which is TRUE of the owner-developer?

 A)  The owner-developer may only pay the sales associates a salary, not a commission.

 B)  The owner-developer must hold an active broker license.

 C)  The owner-developer must apply for multiple licenses.

 D)  The owner-developer must register with the DBPR but does not have to be licensed.

Question 1 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation
The answer is the owner-developer must register with the DBPR but does not have to be licensed. 

 Answer "D"

The owner-developer does not have to hold a real estate license to sell the owner-developer's lots, but if the owner-developer employs licensed sales associates, the owner-developer must register with the DBPR. This creates a "pseudo number" under which the sales associates can register.

Question 2

In which situation is the broker NOT exempt from the notice requirements regarding conflicting demands?

 A)  A buyer's cancellation of a residential condominium purchase agreement within the allowable time period for review

 B)  A dispute over escrow funds related to a property inspection

 C)  A buyer's inability to secure financing for the purchase according to the terms of the contract

 D)  A sale of HUD-owned property that uses a HUD sale contract

Question 2 - Answer & Explanation (Don't peek, try to answer the question first..)

Answer & Explanation

The answer is a dispute over escrow funds related to a property inspection.

Answer "B"

There are three exceptions to the notice requirements:
(1) escrow deposits concerning a residential sale contract used by HUD in the sale of HUD-owned property;
(2) buyers of residential condominium units who timely deliver written notice of their intent to cancel the contract as authorized by the Condominium Act; and
(3) buyers who in good faith fail to satisfy the terms specified in the financing clause of a contract for sale and purchase.

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