Facebook Marketing Magic For Realtors Live Webinar Training

With over 2 billion active users, Facebook simply cannot be ignored as part of your online marketing, lead generation, and sales strategy.  

Unfortunately, most of what is being taught about Facebook is either done in an overly complicated manner, or is not taught from the perspective of  what works for a Realtor.

This is a no fluff, get right to the point live practical training session that will leave you knowing step by step what to do once it's all over.  If you have never run a Facebook Ads campaign, or perhaps you've tried but couldn't make it work, this training is for you.

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Training Overview

In this training, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to run successful Facebook Ads

from start to finish.

This training features a 90 minute webinar training, plus additional time set aside for Q&A to make sure you leave with all your questions answered.

Date & Time

Thursday December 3, 2019 @ 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Can't Make The Live Training? No Problem..

A recording of the entire training will be available so you don't have to miss a thing, and still get access to this valuable training that will definitely help you generate more clients and income in your business.

What You Will Learn

How To Create & Setup Your Facebook Business Page The Right Way

A Facebook business page is required to run Facebook Ads.  We will show you step by step exactly what to do in order to set it up, and how to complete all the important sections of your Facebook business page for maximum results.

How To Properly Install The Facebook Tracking Pixel

The Facebook tracking pixel is absolutely critical to your success when running Facebook Ad campaigns.  The pixel will allow Facebook to track your prospects every move, so you can determine who's a really hot prospect and who's not.

How To Target & Create The Ideal Audience Who Will Be Eager To Do Business With You

One of the most powerful benefits of using Facebook is the ability to specifically target your ideal client.  We will show you how to create an audience of prospective buyers and sellers that you can place your message in front of to keep your pipeline full of leads.

How To Create The Most Effective Facebook Ad Campaign That Really Works To Get Buyers & Sellers.

Facebook allows you to run many different campaign types with different objectives, however there are only a select few which work really well for Realtors, we'll walk you step by step on how to set them up to attract  buyers and sellers.

How To Setup Your Ad Image or Video

Facebook is a form of interruption marketing, this means that as prospective buyers and sellers are scrolling through their news feed, they will come across your ad.  As such, it is critically important that your ad stands out with an image or perhaps a video that catches their attention, and makes them want to click to learn more.

How To Setup A Custom Conversion

One of the objectives of most advertising, and without a doubt Facebook advertising is to get your prospective buyer or seller to take action (i.e. sign up for something free, watch a video, etc..).  As such, you need to know when and how many of your prospects have taken the desired action as defined by you.  That's actualy what Facebook Custom Conversions allows you to do, and we will show you exactly how to set it up.

The Most Effective Place To Have Your Ads Shown On The Facebook Network For Maximum Results

Facebook has a massive platform and network that actually expands beyond the news feed, and the actual Facebook platform itself, we'll show you where the best places to have your ads shown, and which ones are simply not worth your time.

How To Establish & Optimize Your Ad Budget

All Facebook campaigns require that you establish a budget.  This could be a daily budget, weekly budget, or various other time frames to suit your objectives.  We'll show you step by step how to setup your budget to ensure that you spend only what's required to achieve the results you are looking for.

How To Track & Analyze Your Campaign Results To Generate The Maximum Number Of New Clients

Once your Facebook Ad campaign is up and running, and you start seeing activity, it is critical that you track and analyze the results to ensure you are maximizing your ad budget and getting the best return on your investment.  We'll show you exactly what you should be tracking to ensure a successful campaign. 

How To Create A Remarketing/Retargeting Campaign To Explode Your Results

This is where the magic happens.  With Facebook remarketing, you'll have the ability to put your message in front of prospects who have already expressed an interest in your services and what you are offering.  In other words, remarketing is about marketing to a WARM market, versus a COLD market.  We'll show you step by step how to setup the perfect remarketing campaign to really explode the number of leads you put into your pipeline.

Plus A Live Q & A Session So You Can Get Your Most Pressing Questions Answered!

We are here to help you run successful Facebook Ad campaigns that attract a steady flow of buyers and sellers.  Our live Q&A ensures that if for some reason you need an additional explanation or insight on something we covered, you don't have to leave until you understand.

Black Friday Discount Price

Don't pay the regular price of $397. Get registered now for only $97 while it lasts!

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