Attention Real Estate Brokers!

Let Us Train Your New Agents And Help Them Develop 3 Core Skills Required To Get More clients & Generate More income For Your Company!

Let's face it...the revenue and growth of your company depends on your ability to recruit, hire, train, and retain skilled agents.

But there's a big problem.

Real estate is a relationship and sales business, and most new agents lack the discipline and sales skills necessary for success.

And while you know investing in new agent development is the key to sustained revenue and business growth, it can be difficult to allocate the time necessary to train each agent on the skills required for success.

You as the owner surely don't have time to do it, you have a company to run!

And if you don’t have a sales training expert on staff who can help your new agents develop the skills necessary for success, to motivate them, and hold them accountable, then about 75% of your agents will quit within one year.

But imagine if each one of your new agents could go through a structured, 2 week intensive sales training program designed specifically to get them productive in 90 days or less.

And what if you were provided a report on each agent's activity and performance during the training so you can determine your best agents, those most likely to succeed.

Would that help in determining where you should invest your time and resources? Surely it would!

Imagine no more, it's all possible.



A Live Online New Agent Sales Training & Coaching Program focused on motivation, discipline, accountability, and skill development in the following 3 areas:

1. Lead Generation Skills:
Leads are the lifeblood of every successful real estate business.
Your agents will learn how to generate leads through phone prospecting, and everything they need is included:
  • The List: With names and phone numbers of prospective buyers and sellers in their zip code
  • The Script: So your agents know what to say on the phone
  • The Dialer: No hand dialing, the automatic dialer will make the call for your agent
  • The CRM: Your agents database to store, search, and retrieve information on all their prospects and clients.
  • The Calendar: To book follow up calls and appointments with hot prospects
2. Presentation Skills: 
Converting appointments to clients is critical for success. Thus your agents ability to deliver a persuasive and effective buyer presentation and seller listing presentation is of utmost importance.
Your agents will learn how to:
  • Effectively communicate their value proposition and why they should be hired for the job.
  • Clearly explain current real estate market conditions, and the affect it has on buyer offer strategy and seller pricing strategy.
  • Get the buyer broker agreement and seller listing agreement signed with little to no resistance or hesitation.
3. Representation Skills: 
Getting to the closing table doesn't happen by accident. It requires organization, great communication , and a effective strategy.
Your agents will learn how to:
  • Analyze homes for sale that meet the desires of their buyer, and arrange timely showings. Market their seller's home for maximum exposure, and generate the best price in the least amount of time.
  • Craft a competitive offer on behalf of their buyer, and properly evaluate offers received by their seller.
  • Negotiate price and terms for both buyer and seller.
  • Manage the transaction from contract signing to the closing table.

Every agent deserves great sales training, and your business deserves to grow. We make it possible!

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